As we all know, once a year each February comes a day when couples celebrate their love. Their love of Pizza that is! Yes, Friday 09th February is National Pizza day and ever the romantic, Mr Flavour whisked me away from work for an evening of exchanging sweet nothings at our favourite Italian chain restaurant, Rossopomodoro in Shoreditch.

This accessible Italian eatery delivers all the things we love about Neapolitan cuisine: A roaring wood fired pizza oven, an abundance of creamy smoked cheeses and a plethora of fine tomatoes used to create the most flavoursome sauces. A lovely bottle of Valpolicella helped us navigate the menu, trying our best not to order another Vesuvius sized mountain of foodie delights. Looking around at other people’s meals made this an exercise in resisting temptation.



We thought the Tiella Napoletana would give us a little bit of everything and we weren’t disappointed: Gooey rice arancini, crispy potato crocché, pasta frittatine, seaweed zeppoline, deep fried aubergines and creamy polenta chips. This scrumptious platter took our taste buds on a tour Napoli, whilst leaving plenty of room for the main event.

Mr Flavour has been lifting heavy things since January. He’s been burning off festive excess and sculpting a body like Michelangelo’s David. His eyes lit up when he saw the protein-fest known as Lasagna Napoletana: Beef meatballs, hearty pork sausage, Neapolitan salami, boiled eggs, smooth buffalo ricotta, rich smoked mozzarella, buffalo milk fondue and Parmesan, all housed in pasta and bathed in mouth-watering tomato ragu. He wasn’t keen on sharing. Fortunately, I had a valuable bargaining chip in the form of a Capricciosa Pizza. It boasted Roma tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, regional ham, artichokes, black olives and torn fresh basil, all layered across hand stretched wood fired dough. A true masterclass in Pizza and a fitting way to celebrate the date.


We obviously had no room for dessert after eating all the above, but an Italian dinner is never complete until a few chilled glasses of Limoncello are brought to the table. We toasted our love for Pizza and each other with boozy citrus, deciding it’s about time we booked another trip to the Amalfi coast. That’s amore!

1 Rufus Street
London, N1 6PE
020 7739 1899


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