Monday mornings in Malaga are a delight. An early wake up call from the seagulls, or sea cockerels as Mrs Flavour has recently renamed them. Then, it’s on with the trainers for a brisk jog along the seafront. The combination of fresh air, rigorous exercise and 8am sunshine is typically the best absolution following a weekend of indulgence. However, on this particular morning, we spied a few too many mature gentlemen cycling in neon spandex, so we needed something extra to settle our stomachs. Fortunately, this was the first day that eateries in Malaga were able to reopen their internal space. So, we took the opportunity to check out a breakfast recommendation made by our friends from Experience Malaga Festival. They were spot on!

We’re not leaving until we understand every word on that menu

Good old Google maps was kind enough to deliver us to the door of La Recova, a cute artisan crafts shop in a quiet part of the historic centre. This place exudes rustic charm. The décor is reminiscent of an old rural cottage, with exquisite pieces of local pottery and leatherwork displayed for sale. Raw floors and exposed brick walls raise high ceilings strewn with a tornado of rotary fans, making for one very cool establishment (pun intended). With hands sanitised and masks removed, we were seated and offered coffee. Espresso para la dama y cortado para el hombre. We were on the road to recovery already.

We’re definitely not in Starbucks!

Next came a homemade and incredibly unique breakfast, the likes of which we’d yet to experience. Our waiter firstly placed a gigantic slice of toasted farmhouse bread in front of us. Then, we were each presented with an egg crate filled with 8 dollops of inviting, yet somewhat mysterious foods. Being of reasonable intellect, we figured the best way to sample this new dish would be to spread each dollop onto pieces of the toast we were given. Armed with knives and our finely honed palettes, we sampled each from savoury to sweet, trying to deduce what we were eating. Our first guesses were: Chorizo pâté, chicken with butter, mackerel and tomato pâté, gazpacho, banana puree, quince marmalade, butter, and a cherry (the last two were pretty simple). A saucy pink flyer found on the counter and a spot of Google translating confirmed what we’d enjoyed: Pork shoulder, pork rinds, sobrasada (Google let us down), crushed tomato, apple jam, carrot jam, butter and a cherry. Aside from not knowing our bananas from our manzanas and mistaking mackerel for pork, we did great! Either way, each flavour was beautiful. This was certainly an enjoyable way of eating a hearty breakfast which left us feeling like proper Malagueños.

The Tasteful Eight

With contented bellies and the afterglow from eating a meal somewhere other than our home warming our souls, we wandered gently around the peaceful alleyways. “What shall we do today?” asked Mrs Flavour. “Dunno” answered Mr Flavour. “Where can I buy some spandex shorts?”.

P.S – We almost forgot to mention. The above cost an incredibly reasonable 2.50€ each. No more porridge for us!

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